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Our job is to help employers develop proactive strategies, strong policies and business-oriented solutions throughout the lifecycle of the employment relationship to cultivate a workforce that is engaged, productive and diverse. Providing employers with tailored and preemptive legal advice and multi-disciplinary strategies, we partner with employers to develop practical solutions to the ever-evolving challenges in today’s workplace.

Our primary objective is to help you manage daily employee-related issues with minimal disruption to your business at every stage of the employment lifecycle: recruitment and selection, onboarding, learning and development, reward recognition and benefits, progression and performance management and exit.

Policies and other employee-related documents

From individual policies to entire handbooks, we offer policy development, review and guidance customized to your business and compliant with federal, state and local law. Our team provides valuable insights in the review and preparation of other employment-related documents, including job advertisements, employment applications, background check paperwork, employee notices and agreements, discipline, evaluation and termination documentation and employee job descriptions. We also offer legal summaries and other resources which can assist with legal compliance in every jurisdiction. 

Ensuring employee policies and practices, including employee handbooks, are up to date in the face of multi-jurisdictional requirements is no easy task. 

Cross-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary employment issues

The COVID-19 pandemic provided the perfect example of how employers face a multi-disciplinary and cross-jurisdictional employment law challenge. However, employers face questions every day that may implicate various employment law disciplines including wage and hour, disability and leave management, labor relations and privacy and data security (to name just a few). The answers may differ by jurisdiction.

Our team monitors the emerging issues surfacing in the evolving workplace to provide complete and robust advice. We deliver practical solutions to solve the ever-increasing challenges presented by the widely varying state and local laws that plague multi-state employers.

Discipline and terminations

Our team provides strategic advice to assist employers to mitigate the risks associated with employee discipline and terminations and developing files which can help defend claims that may arise. In this vein, we regularly review and offer advice on performance related documents, including performance improvement plans and employee warnings and general performance management strategies.

Employment litigation is expensive and time-consuming.

The employment relationship poses challenges before, during and after an employee is hired and at work. Advertising and recruitment strategies, managing the employment relationship itself and later, separation, all present a complex host of compliance and regulatory requirements.

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