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The consumer-insight technologies feeding today’s profitability can also be fueling tomorrow’s data privacy and security-related litigation. That’s why, whether it’s a class action, single-plaintiff matter, or a threatened claim, companies rely on Jackson Lewis for reassurance — and results.

Our Privacy Litigation team has substantive experience defending clients against a panoply of legal claims related to data breaches (such as the improper access or acquisition of personal information), website tacking technologies, personal information collection technologies, and methods for communicating with customers, patients, clients, and employees across the ever-expanding web of federal, state, local and common law requirements. We also conduct compliance assessments and help companies implement litigation risk mitigation techniques. Our recognized success in the privacy arena gives clients confidence that our well-developed strategies, informed by a deep understanding of the law and its practical applications, will yield better outcomes.

Seamless experience across the patchwork of Federal and State privacy laws

We’ve successfully defended businesses in numerous claims brought by consumers, clients, patients, employees and others including those related to:

  • Website tracking (e.g., pixels or related technologies, web session-replay, chat functionality).
  • Privacy claims under state/common law related to alleged improper access to, acquisition of, and/or disclosure of personal information.
  • BIPA (Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act)
  • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
  • CIPA (California Invasion of Privacy Act)
  • TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)
  • FTSA (Florida Telephone Solicitation Act)
  • VPPA (Video Privacy Protection Act)
  • Genetic information privacy, including GIPA (Illinois Genetic Information Privacy Act)

Data-Driven defenses

Our unique in-house litigation statistics group provides efficient and cost-effective damages analysis and modeling that enhances our thoughtful, strategic and creative approaches to defending difficult lawsuits. We also provide clients with digital tools, informative data analytics, and insightful “big data” applications to identify trends, track cases and improve predictability and performance.

National reach with a local touch

Our strong regional presence across the U.S. gives us unparalleled knowledge and experience with opposing counsel, judges, and jurisdictions that, combined with deep subject matter knowledge that is office agnostic, lets us more effectively analyze the legal claims, likelihood of early dismissal and class certification, the discovery landscape, and the potential financial and reputational exposure. Similarly, when the case requires, the Privacy Litigation team works with and leverages the extensive experience and depth of the firm’s broader Privacy, Class Action and Litigation practice groups.

Part of an elite “go to” litigation team

Our Privacy Litigation team has decades of litigation experience and has handled hundreds of putative class action lawsuits, claims, and single plaintiff lawsuits under the BIPA, the TCPA, CIPA, FTSA, and countless other privacy-related claims. We strategically approach the defense of privacy-related claims by implementing a well-thought-out litigation strategy, informed by a deep understanding of the law and our clients’ businesses and objectives.

Few firms have handled anywhere close to the number of privacy cases as our team.

Our work

Privacy-related litigations
We are currently handing nearly 50 privacy-related litigations including putative class action matters for several health care providers.
BIPA class actions
Our BIPA litigation team has handled approximately 170 BIPA class actions over the last few years.

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