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When a case goes to trial the disruption to your organization can be far-reaching and the financial and reputational ramifications may prove irreparable.

There is a myth that trials are dead and that cases either settle or get decided on dispositive motions prior to trial. Jury trials may be necessary for a variety of reasons, such as unreasonable settlement demands, strong business principles of avoiding frivolous settlements or judges who are reluctant to grant dispositive motions.

Although trials are rare, having trusted and experienced trial counsel who understand how to position a case for a successful trial result often leads to increased success on dispositive motions and favorable settlements. Further, the need for experienced appellate attorneys is critical to minimizing appealable issues prior to an appeal, appealing adverse findings or defending favorable outcomes obtained at the trial court level.

Our Trials and Appeals practice group is an elite, nationwide team who collectively have tried over a thousand employment cases. When litigation escalates, and trial is imminent, you need the experience and skill to develop strategy, craft the themes of the case, prepare witnesses to testify effectively and present compelling expert testimony in a manner that resonates with the judge and jury.

From high-stakes class actions and multi-jurisdictional cases to single-plaintiff claims, we take a collaborative and dynamic approach that allows litigating every case with an eye toward your business and making the smartest decisions for your company.

Services we offer

Types of allegations we have tried cases for:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Equal pay
  • Gender and pregnancy discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Race/color/national origin discrimination
  • FMLA violations
  • Whistleblower and retaliation claims
  • Denial-of-tenure claims
  • Non-competes, trade secrets, breach of fiduciary duty
  • Wage and hour violations
  • Constitutional claims
  • Arbitration agreement enforcement
  • Wrongful termination
  • Defamation
  • Breach of contract
  • White collar claims

Our trial attorneys collaborate with the firm’s practice and industry groups to provide seamless and sophisticated representation to every client, for every need, in a cost-effective manner. Understanding that success — even at trial — is as individual as your organization and our track record of success speaks for itself in every type of employment-related case.

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