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About this practice


For many years, EPLI carriers and brokers have worked to develop risk management and risk transfer strategies and products to address workplace law claims. With vast experience across all areas of workplace law, we are approved defense panel counsel for virtually every major insurance carrier writing policies for U.S. employment law risks.

Services we offer

Some of the specific services we provide include:

  • Defending the entire range of workplace law litigation, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation and related tort claims before administrative agencies and courts throughout the United States and Puerto Rico;
  • Defending employment, PAGA, wage and hour, fiduciary (including ESOP-related) and other workplace law class actions across the country utilizing experienced teams of class action focused shareholders, associates and statisticians.
  • Defending benefit and fiduciary claims under ERISA;
  • Defending allegations of wrongdoing under the False Claims Act, breaches of contractual or statutory obligations, qui tam actions and a host of other non-discrimination claims;
  • Conducting internal investigations in a variety of areas, including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Anti-Money Laundering/Bank Secrecy Act, human trafficking, health care fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, embezzlement, conversion and computer intrusion incidents;
  • Defending HIPAA and breach of privacy claims; and
  • Assisting employers to obtain representation (through L&E Global) for employment disputes and issues arising outside the United States.

Our attorneys have extensive experience defending insured employment practices and workplace law claims alleging every conceivable type of issue.

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