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COVID-19 brought the life sciences industry front and center as employers and employees alike looked for policies and best practices to keep the workplace and our communities safe. Life sciences industry employers face a wide range of compliance challenges and workplace law risks, as they move forward and reimagine the workplace of the future.

With a proven track record of representing some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical, medical devices and other life sciences companies, our lawyers have developed sharply-focused knowledge and experience in this sector. Our understanding of the business issues facing life science clients, combined with up-to-the-minute knowledge of emerging workplace law developments, allows us to craft legal solutions that fit with the client’s culture and business needs.

Services we offer

  • Providing guidance on how to prepare the workplace for employees and design policies to address all aspects of the reimagined workplace including telecommute policies and employee concerns upon return;
  • Providing compliance to multi-state employers on an array of topics from paid sick leave to pay practices, pay upon termination and more;
  • Conducting internal investigations and advising on the design and implementation of compliance policies, including codes of ethics, that take into account the highly-regulated manufacturing and distribution environment;
  • Defending wage and hour litigation, including cases involving the FLSA’s administrative and outside sales exemptions;
  • Assist with preventive measures such as company-wide audits to ensure consistent implementation of pay and promotion policies;
  • Counseling on restrictive covenants in employment agreements, employee raiding claims, unfair competition claims and other employment-related business torts;
  • Advising on all aspects of leave management, including the applicability of relevant laws to outside sales representatives;
  • Reviewing employment handbook policies and designing training for management personnel;
  • Advising on all aspects of workplace safety and health, including advising on OSHA workplace inspections, required workplace safety plans (such as hazardous materials communications) and updated OSHA standards; 
  • Advising on international issues such as cross-border reductions in force, foreign executive contracts, cross-border remote work, and setting up new international operations, guided by the co-leader of our International Employment practice who formerly served in-house at a major pharmaceutical company.

Our experience counseling employers in the life sciences industry spans all aspects of workplace law, including litigation, labor relations, immigration, benefits, privacy and disability management. 

DEI in the Life Sciences Industry

  • Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Program Development and Enhancement: We offer advice to organizations on the development and refinement of comprehensive D&I programs. Recognizing the value of diversity in fueling innovation and operational excellence in pharmaceuticals, we guide our clients in establishing diverse candidate slates, implementing diversity-driven recruiting incentives, and in the formation of Executive Diversity Councils and Employee resource groups. We also help establish and enhance D&I-related goals, initiatives and employee surveys that align with your corporate culture and objectives.
  • Crisis Prevention and Mitigation: Given the unique scrutiny faced by life sciences companies, we offer proactive and strategic advice on crisis prevention and mitigation, with particular emphasis on diversity-related issues. We counsel on the potential financial, business, and management disruptions caused by high-profile allegations and guide you in establishing strategies to avoid such crises. We also assist in managing crises if they arise, developing resolution strategies that can include litigation or settlement alternatives, and working with public relations advisers to maintain corporate image and reputation.
  • Supplier Diversity Programs: Understanding that pharmaceutical companies may have obligations as government contractors, or may value diversity in their own supply chains, we offer support in developing and managing robust Supplier Diversity programs. We assist in complying with governmental and private client requirements, enabling you to demonstrate your commitment to diversity not only within your organization but in your broader business relationships as well.
  • Strategic D&I Communications: In a rapidly evolving industry like life sciences, the ability to communicate your commitment to diversity and inclusion effectively can greatly enhance your organizational reputation and relationships. We provide counsel on both internal and external D&I communications, assisting executives in delivering messages that underscore the business imperative for diversity. We also guide clients in their external communications to regulators, legislators, recruiting sources, and advocacy groups, enhancing your company's image as a diversity champion.

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