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For organizations across the globe, accessing, maintaining and exchanging information creates unlimited possibilities—and new risks and vulnerabilities.

The challenges associated with ensuring privacy and securing data come from within and outside an organization. The complexity of those challenges requires careful collaboration both within the organization and with outside resources on planning, governance and vigilance.  

Data cuts across your whole enterprise. Our Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity practice group understands the issues that organizations face when collecting and processing data, whether for managing human capital or for commercial activities. Just as importantly, our team understands the interplay of technical, administrative, contractual and legal risks in the industry-specific regulatory environments where our clients operate.

Regulations and policies addressing data are evolving as quickly as the threats that target that data. Our group maintains up-to-date information on both regulations and threats and we are ready to operate and respond on the state, federal and international levels. We take a holistic, value-added approach to advise our clients on the latest legal developments and threats and to identify best practices that deliver a competitive advantage—and balance business objectives with risk tolerance.

If an incident arises, our teams of CIPP-certified attorneys collaborate with seasoned consultants and industry professionals to develop strategies that address the entire problem/incident. Our team bridges the full continuum of issues and manages investigations, compliance, recovery, vendor management, breach response and beyond. And we draw on our deep roots in employment law to deliver targeted advice about employee-focused training, policy writing, discipline and litigation.

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