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Employers in the technology industry manage a diversifying and increasingly mobile workforce. This dynamic requires organizations be forward thinking in identifying business opportunities while simultaneously monitoring the inherent risks, including protecting and maintaining trade secrets and limiting areas of potential liability.

We represent technology employers, ranging from multinational enterprises to startups and emerging companies. Drawing on the vast experience of our attorneys, we offer comprehensive representation that includes every aspect of labor and employment law as well as areas with a tangential impact such as immigration, pre and post IPO compliance and compensation planning, benefits and privacy, data and cybersecurity. Beyond our knowledge of global and domestic workplace law and regulations, we understand the business issues facing technology companies and work together to reach solutions that fit our clients’ needs.

Services we offer

  • Defending the entire range of workplace law-related litigation, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation and related tort claims, as well as class and collective actions across the U.S. Our experience includes representing employers from claims filed by entry-level employees to c-suite executives;
  • Drafting and enforcing the terms of employment policies relevant to the technology industry including employment contracts, arbitration and non-disclosure agreements, and incentive compensation plans;
  • Providing employers with a suite of advice and counseling services including sexual harassment prevention training, resolution of potential equity compensation disputes, and methods to amicably transition high level executives and employees to the next stage in their careers;
  • Navigating state and federal wage and hour laws for employers in the on-demand service workspace;
  • Advising on a broad range of workplace privacy and data security issues arising under state, federal and international law, conducting data security risk assessments, developing written information security programs, and investigating and responding to data breaches;
  • Implementing integrated disability management systems and advising on corporate wellness programs;
  • Assisting with preventive measures such as data-intensive company-wide audits to ensure consistent implementation of pay and promotion policies; and
  • Navigating federal and state accommodation laws impacting service animal requests.

Big data

Technological advances and increased demand for data-driven business models continue to generate wide-ranging possibilities for companies that play a role in storing, managing, protecting and analyzing large quantities of data. New technology makes it infinitely easier to capture data, and the cloud provides more affordable and accessible storage. The healthcare, financial services and insurance industries were among the first to embrace the power of data in day-to-day business management. However today, most organizations are now looking to leverage data and data analytics to drive decision-making, enhance customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition. As companies in the big data industry race to innovate and capitalize on these opportunities, they face unique challenges such as a shortage of employees with the requisite technical skills and enhanced pressure to retain top talent.

Some of the specific services we offer include:

  • Providing advice and counsel on and litigating matters involving restrictive covenants in employment agreements, confidentiality, incentive compensation and stock award agreements, employee raiding claims, unfair competition claims, and other employment-related business torts;
  • Counseling employers on expeditious international transfers and travel strategies for specialized employees;
  • Advising on state, federal and international legal obligations and best practices for collecting, using, and securing data; and
  • Defending the entire range of workplace law-related litigation, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation and related tort claims, as well as class and collective actions across the U.S.

Our dedicated internal Data Analytics group understands the intricacies of the big data industry and is comfortable working closely with managers and data scientists alike. Our goal is always to develop efficient solutions that enable our clients to focus on what they do best.

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