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Awareness + approach

The dynamic and transformative force that is technology continues to reshape global business landscapes and societal norms at a rapid rate. From software development and hardware manufacturing to telecommunications and artificial intelligence, the technology sector requires legal services that match its breadth of influence and pace of innovation. 

Jackson Lewis’ Technology industry group comprehensively covers the distinctive challenges emerging startups and established industry leaders face: 

  • Navigating complex regulatory environments 
  • Protecting intellectual property in a competitive market 
  • Managing a diverse and often remote workforce
  • Responding to rapidly evolving consumer expectations 

Combining a deep understanding of legal and industry nuances with both an acute awareness of technological advancements and an agility to stay ahead of market trends, we provide the forward-thinking, strategic advice and proactive legal support clients rely on to maintain their competitive edge.


  • Software developers, from startup companies to established software giants 
  • Hardware manufacturers, from consumer electronics to enterprise-grade hardware 
  • E-commerce businesses, from burgeoning online startups to global e-commerce platforms 
  • Telecommunications providers, including both traditional and emerging digital communication firms 
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning enterprises, especially organizations at the forefront of AI research and application 
  • Data analytics and “big data” companies, with an emphasis on organizations specializing in data processing, analytics, and business intelligence solutions 
  • Cloud computing providers, including cloud infrastructure, platforms, and software services 
  • Cybersecurity firms, serving companies of any size dedicated to securing digital assets and infrastructure 
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures, including blockchain developers and cryptocurrency exchanges 
  • Gaming and interactive media companies, from indie game developers to large-scale studios
  • Emerging-technology startups, and other organizations with a focusing on new and innovative technology solutions
  • Tech-driven health and biotech firms, and other companies at the intersection of technology and healthcare.

Our clients span the full breadth of the technology sector, reflecting our deep understanding and commitment to addressing the unique legal challenges technology employers face.


Clients rely on our sector-specific legal advice and comprehensive business solutions in the following areas to navigate the complexities of the tech world with confidence and strategic foresight.

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Competitive Edge

Artificial intelligence: Evaluating and advising on risks associated with AI solutions in HR processes. 

Data privacy + cybersecurity: Assisting with managing data security and regulatory compliance, including responding to data breaches and ransomware attacks, crucial for protecting sensitive information. 

Regulatory compliance + government affairs: Ensuring adherence to regulations and policies impacting the technology sector.

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Advanced employment law: Navigating complex employment law, including remote work and employee classifications. 

Labor relations: Responding to unionization efforts and overseeing collective bargaining and dispute resolution.

OSHA counseling and defense: Assisting with strategic OSHA compliance, like workplace safety plans, and defending against OSHA claims. 

Wage + hour compliance: Maintaining compliance with varied wage and hour laws to safeguard against legal disputes.

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Litigation/Adversarial Actions

Arbitration provisions: Developing effective arbitration provisions tailored to the evolving legal requirement in tech. 

BIPA compliance + defense: Providing strategies for compliance with the Biometric Information Privacy Act.

Class actions and labor violations/PAGA claims: Delivering defense strategies for class action lawsuits and PAGA claims. 

Data privacy + cybersecurity: Helping manage data security and regulatory compliance crucial for protecting sensitive information, including responding to data breaches and ransomware attacks.

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Workplace Culture

ADA website accessibility: Advising on compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for digital platforms. 

Diversity, equity + inclusion: Counseling on DEI initiatives tailored to meet industry-specific objectives and challenges. 

Policy development + handbook review: Creating and reviewing policies and handbooks to ensure they are compliant with current legal standards.

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