Corporate Diversity Counseling

Strong diversity and inclusion performance is a business imperative. Among other factors, U.S. demographic changes are resulting in significantly more diverse workforces, government agencies are intensifying anti-discrimination enforcement efforts, and 24-hour global communications have created new risks that could devastate corporate reputations and severely damage brands.

Corporate Diversity Counseling


Attorneys in the Jackson Lewis P.C. Corporate Diversity Counseling group minimize legal liability and enhance diversity programs, performance and profile. Bringing to bear unparalleled experience, we advise CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, government agency heads and other large organizations.

We develop and implement effective diversity strategies that protect the organization’s reputation and expand business opportunities by strengthening relationships with stockholders, customers, employees, regulators and the general public.

Diversity Assessments and Action Plans

Early identification and resolution of diversity issues can often mitigate or avoid altogether serious consequence down the road. Jackson Lewis’ Corporate Diversity Counseling group has extensive experience assisting clients with the following:

  • Legal vulnerability assessments or “Diagnostic” Assessments that examine internal complaint processes, employment discrimination/retaliation/harassment/hostile work environment claims, human resource policies and practices and workforce demographic trends;
  • Comprehensive diversity reviews that evaluate diversity in corporate governance and senior management, the company’s workforce and in supplier and business partner relationships; and
  • Analysis of government and community relations, strategic communications, minority outreach, corporate image, targeted philanthropy and related relationship building.

With this information, our lawyers assist senior management in developing and implementing practical strategies sensitive to the company’s corporate culture-for achieving their legitimate business and marketing objectives. We benchmark our clients against “best-in-class” performance, and then tailor diversity action plans to address each client’s specific needs.

Crisis Prevention

High-profile race and sex discrimination allegations can produce significant financial consequences as well as long-term damage to a company’s brand and reputation, and even its market share. The Corporate Diversity Counseling Group advises clients regarding proactive crisis prevention strategies and long-term solutions to avoid financial, business and management disruptions.

Crisis Mitigation and Management

For major corporations and key government agencies facing charges of discrimination in employment or other aspects of their business, we investigate complaints, claims, allegations and/or attacks from individuals or interest groups. We then assist in developing resolution strategies that often include litigation and/or settlement alternatives. We also help create action plans to address legitimate concerns and issues and collaborate with corporate and agency public relations advisers in crafting and delivering key messages to targeted constituencies during difficult situations.

D&I Program Development and Enhancement

Effective Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Programs rely on initiatives and practices that support D&I in all facets of employment, from recruiting and hiring, to onboarding and training, to development and promotion. We advise clients on developing and tailoring mechanisms to help achieve corporate D&I objectives, including diverse candidate slates, diversity-related recruiting incentives, Executive Diversity Councils, Employee resource groups, employee surveys and D&I-related goal setting. We also assist in developing and enhancing Supplier Diversity programs, including compliance with government and private client requirements.

Strategic D&I Communications

Our attorneys assist clients with respect to both internal and external D&I communications. We help executives develop and deliver appropriate messages to the workforce regarding the business imperative and the expectations on each employee and supervisor. We also assist clients to deliver appropriate external messaging, and often help build or strengthen relationships with such stakeholders as regulators, legislators, recruiting sources and advocacy groups.

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