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Affirmative Action Compliance and OFCCP Defense
In an era of heightened enforcement and regulatory activity, employers cannot afford to wait to begin preparations until after the OFCCP has selected your company for an audit.
Class Actions and Complex Litigation
Class action and multiple-plaintiff litigation of discrimination, wage and hour and other employment-related disputes are being filed in record numbers and pose a significant risk to employers on many fronts, including economic, cultural and reputational.
Collegiate and Professional Sports
Many of the issues faced on and off the field in the sports world mirror workplace law challenges faced by employers from all industries.
Corporate Diversity Counseling
Strong diversity and inclusion performance is a business imperative. Among other factors, U.S.
Corporate Governance and Internal Investigations
Today’s business environment presents employers with complex legal, regulatory and corporate compliance challenges as both public and private organizations operate under an unprecedented level of scrutiny.
Disability, Leave and Health Management
Employers are faced with an increasing number of—and often conflicting—federal, state and local laws impacting how to manage employees with disabilities, illness and family/personal obligations.
Employee Benefits
Employee benefits present unique and complex challenges as organizations try to keep up with the regulatory landscape while simultaneously designing benefits and compensation strategies that allow them to attract, incentivize and retain employees.
General Employment Litigation
Federal, state and local employment laws impose legal obligations and their attendant risks on every employer, creating the need for a well-informed management team with access to specialized workplace law resources and effective e-discovery strategies.
Health Law and Transactions
Healthcare reform brought with it a new level of transactional and regulatory activity, which has a significant impact on the organization and operation of healthcare providers, physician practices and allied healthcare professionals.
Effective immigration advocacy is essential to help employers access the best global talent and manage an increasingly diverse workforce.
International Employment Issues
In today’s business environment, workplace issues are increasingly crossing international borders—whether involving U.S. corporations doing business overseas or multinational companies with interests in the United States.
Labor and Preventive Practices
The world, the law and the labor landscape have changed in the past few years – it is important for every employer to consider new preventive labor relations approaches and best practices that take these changes into account.
Non-Competes and Protection Against Unfair Competition
Business information and good will often are a company’s most significant assets, but—unlike equipment and physical assets—employees and others can easily move this information and take client relationships with them to competitors.
Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity
For organizations across the globe, accessing, maintaining and exchanging information creates unlimited possibilities—and new risks and vulnerabilities.
Wage and Hour
When a wage and hour violation affects many employees over an extended period of time, it can give rise to substantial liability, even if the employer acted in good faith.
White Collar and Government Enforcement
Employers must contend with complex new regulations while facing increased scrutiny and an unprecedented threat of government enforcement actions and potential criminal proceedings at both the state and federal levels.
Workplace Safety and Health
Perhaps more than any other area of workplace law and policy, safety is inseparable from employee well-being and productivity.
Workplace Training
From harassment prevention to leave management, the dynamic range of workplace law requires employers to conduct periodic training to ensure a legally compliant and productive workplace.

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